Smart Video Exchange

Our business idea is simple, provide a huge amount of popular videos from our video partners in an smart way to publishers so they can attract new users, grow viewership and successfully monetize the traffic.

Popular videos

Source popular and trending videos from our MCNs and YouTube channel partners. License trending videos and earn ad revenue on every play you create.

Vast supply

Our partners possess a huge number of popular videos. New videos and partners are continuously added and the video exchange expand regularity.

Audience match

Our service makes it easy to choose videos matching publishers’ audiences so they can effortlessly build a strong service and revenue.

Smart interface

Extend your video offering in our user-friendly interface. Search for special topics or videos, or chose what is popular and trending on the internet now.

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Video Categories

License videos within popular categories. We offer videos from the most popular YouTube categories, covering all kind of publisher needs for popular short form videos



Science & Tech

Science & Tech



Auto & vehicles

Auto & vehicles






Pets & Animals


People & Blogs

Travel & Events

Travel & Events


Film & Animation



How to & Style

How to & Style

Exchange Features

Global License and Usage

License popular videos with global distribution rights from the video providers to easily grow and scale your online media business. No border anymore, only one single contract with Videotelligent.

Target Your Audience

Search and find videos that have proven popular in your target audience group. You can filter the search by age, gender and country to match the desired audience of the web site .

Choose Category

Target and find videos from many popular categories important for your editorial profile, content sections and audiences. Get access to a new world of videos, which can open new doors to a modern and changing audience

Proven Popularity

Choose videos already documented the ability to develop great traffic based views, likes and most trending now on social media.

Develop your video service with our smart concept and features, and collaborate with other growth oriented video providers or online publishers.

Video Growth Services

Audience Extension

Increase your audience through premium publishers’ video sites to increase reach, generate more traffic and ad revenue.


Content extension

Extend your offering with popular videos from leading MCNs and video provider to attract new users, generate more traffic and ad revenue.


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