Collaborative Video Eco System

We are here to facilitate your video growth and prosperity through our video eco system. We seek to come in contact with collaboraters focusing on the Europan online market with popular videos from all over the world.


Videotelligent is a progressive online video exchange and ecosystem, offering its participants and customers an abundant supply of currant, popular and valuable in-demand videos.


Videotelligent holds at its core a strong and dynamic virtuous growth cycle that supports sustainable success and prosperity for all collaborating partners participating in today’s networked video community.

Our Collaborators

The Videotelligent video community and eco system consists of both providers and users of popular videos.

Video Channels

Video channels licensing their videos to premium publishers via our exchange. They benefit from an extended reach to a global market, building their brand and audience to get additional revenue.


Multi Channel Networks, or Multi Platform networks, providing a large number of channels’ videos. They benefit from extending their service to channels with a new distribution channel, increasing traffic and video ad revenues.


Premium publishers licensing popular videos to grow their online video service. They benefit from extending their video library, growing their target audience and video ad revenues.

We aim for the best result, growth and prosperity for all participants.

Our Visonary Mission


Videotelligent facilitate an innovative and profitable eco-system for popular online videos with an upbeat and valuable experience for its collaborators.

Provide a smart video exchange offering targeted popular videos utilizing data and tracking to optimize the monetization.

Create a purposeful, beneficial and joyful experience within a thriving and growing video community and ecosystem.

Video Community Principles

#1 Keep it Smart and Effective

Create a high performing and scalable video exchange, efficiently playing a huge amount of popular videos.

#2 Keep it Alive and Flowing

Facilitate an engaged, joyful and collaborative video community and ecosystem for video providers and publishers.

#3 Keep it Attractive and Valuable

Develop a abundant flow of valuable videos and monetary remuneration for all stakeholders and collaborators.


We are organized as one global sales team, with local people in key markets.
Please email us at, or contact our sales or management team


+47 21 68 10 90


+46 70-791 27 00


+44 (208) 133 1060


+1 (514) 903-9904

Founding Team


Espen Moen

Founder & CEO
Cell: +47 91 55 05 05


Karianne Berg

CTO & Co-Founder


Andri Zidaric

Director, Nordic & Co-Founder
Cell: +46 707-912-700


Serge Ekedi

Director, Canada/France & Co-Founder
Cell: +1 514-963-3592

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