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Grow your revenue by licensing popular videos matching your target audience.

Online Videos

Have easy access to short-form videos from video providers and brands.

Popular Videos

Build your audience with popular videos found with our data-driven discovery tool.

Licensing Models

Choose from several pricing models to develop your video advertising revenues.

Find videos that have proven popular in your target audience group

Our Licensing Models

We provide several licensing models for short-form videos and sponsored videos with different distribution and monetization options.

License short-form video files with national or worldwide license from creators, influencers, studios, producers, brands and syndicators around the globe.

License short-form video (streaming) with national or worldwide CPM pricing. Monetize traffic with your own ads and adserver.

License short-form videos served with ads (video player / streaming) if you qualify for our ad based model. We monetize for premium websites via our video exchange, which is connected with global programmatic ad platforms and demand partners.

Earn money from sponsored video campaigns if you qualify for our brand-based model. We monetize for popular premium websites via our video exchange, which is utilized by brands to buy video inventory to place Sponsored Video campaigns.


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Great Sourcing Opportunity


Millions of videos are shared on social platforms every day. Very few find their way to online media.


It is complex and time consuming to find and license popular videos that match websites profiles.


Sourcing videos from the world’s first automated video exchange and licensing platform for popular videos.

Audience Targeting

Videotelligent offers a vast amount of popular videos, which can be selected by different criteria like views and likes, but also by different types of audiences and video providers.


Choose the most popular and trending videos in your category from different video providers, like creators, influencers, studios and brands

We provide videos already popular by your target group in chosen categories. You can filter the videos by gender, age, country and language for your target audience

Smart Business Model

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Licensing Models

License popular videos as file, stream, MRSS feed or embeded player on a global scale.

Flexible Pricing

Source videos based on flexible pricing models, like fixed fee, CPM or ad revenue sharing.

Easy reporting

Real time reporting from any video shown with monthly invoicing and payment.

Strong Growth Benefits

New Revenue

Source popular videos to create a stronger service and more audience to maximize the video ad revenue.

No Investments

No upfront investment in video production or any other upfront sourcing cost, as well as low operational cost.

Easy to use

Quick account set up with our automated service. Easy to use our self-service platform.

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