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Get easy access to short form videos from local and global video providers.

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Build your audience with popular videos already proven their popularity.

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Choose among several pricing model to develop your video advertising revenues.

Find videos that have proven popular in your target audience group.

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License videos from popular YouTube channels, MCNs and video providers to extend your video offering.

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Video is expensive to produce and require new skills, often resulting in a weak video offering.

Media often display popular YouTube videos, which is not fueling further growth (no ad revenue).


Many publisher have understood the value of licensing videos to improve their online video service.

Publishers often embed YouTube player and add display ads around the video, since many videos goes viral and attract viewers.


Profitable content extension via our online video exchange with no upfront cost .

Sourcing popular videos for your target audience to generate substantial video ad revenues for your site.

Audience Targeting

Videotelligent offer a vast amount of popular videos, which can be selected by different criteria like views and likes, but also by audience types in your chosen content category.


Choose the most popular and trending videos in your category from YouTube channels (provided directly via our video exchange).

We provide videos already popular by your target group in chosen categories. You can filter the videos by gender, age and country for your target audience.

Smart Business Model


Licensing Videos

Partner with our video exchange and get access to popular videos within a broad set of genres.

Flexible Pricing

Source videos based on flexible pricing models, like fixed fee, CPM or ad revenue sharing.

Easy reporting

Online reporting from any video shown with monthly invoicing and payment.

Strong Growth Benefits

Increased Revenues

Source popular YouTube  videos to create a stronger service, build traffic and audience to maximize the video ad revenue.

No Investments

No upfront investment in video production or any other sourcing cost, as well as low operational cost with automated tracking and reporting.

Easy to set up & use

Limited work to set up and use the service due to automated service. Easy to get started with a terrific welomce package.

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