Grow Video Business

License videos to premium publishers, build audience and develop ad revenue for your video channels. Limited work and risk, just profitable upside for the MCNs and video channels.

Easy Access Distribution

Get access to a great distribution of short-form videos to local and global media and video publishers

Build Audiences

Build new audiences with premium publishers outside YouTube

Develop New Revenue

Develop video advertising revenues outside existing distribution platforms

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Video Services

Reach new audience

License videos to premium publishers to generate video views, extend your video audience and channel exposure, as well as building your brand.

Increase ad revenue

Monetize videos with high revenue generating ad solutions with premium ad prices; either via publisher’s own direct ad sales or our programmatic video ad partners.


New Distribution Opportunity


YouTube is great as a foundation for video sharing, but offers a low CPM and fill rate with a limited ad revenue growth potential


Join the omni-channel trend,  with  premium publishers and distribution channels with a demand for sourcing popular videos


Build brand and audience via new  distribution channels to increase ad revenue and strengthen your market  positioning

Great Online Distribution

Plug into a vast ecosystem with a great number of premium publishers offering short-form videos to grow their video business.


License videos to premium publishers and  extend your
omni-channel exposure, as well as building brand for talents and channels.

We provide videos to premium online publishers with a great audience reach and ability to generate large ad revenues.

Smart Business Model


Licensing Videos

License popular videos to premium publishers via our Smart Exchange and let them drive traffic and revenue

Revenue Sharing

Share video revenue generated on many websites, based on different pricing models to maximize revenues

Great Reports

Monthly revenue reporting for any video shown, payment based on the calculated revenue share

Great Growth Benefits

New, Extra Revenues

Increase reach with audience extension, effectively monetized via Videotelligent partners. No cannibalization of any revenues

Brand Uplift

Provide videos to build provider’s brand in new, premium channels without any investment in new distribution.  Just strengthen market positioning

Low, Or No Effort

We will upload the channel’s videos. No work, or cost for video provider, with monthly tracking and reporting.

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on premium websites


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