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We bring social media and online media together through videos, to inspire, educate and brighten the lives of people all around the world. We aim to have partners with the same aspirations as we do.

Video Community

Videotelligent is a leading online video exchange and ecosystem, offering its partners and customers a vast supply of current, popular and relevant videos.

Foundation for Growth

Videotelligent holds at its core a strong and dynamic virtuous growth cycle that supports sustainable success and prosperity for all collaborating partners participating in today’s networked video community.

Our Collaborators

The Videotelligent video community and ecosystem consists of
video owners, rightsholders and licensees of popular videos.


Creators / Studios / Brands

Video owners licensing their videos to premium websites via our exchange benefit from an extended reach to a global market, building brand and audience to get additional revenue.

Agencies / Syndicators

MCNs, Influencer agencies and video syndicators providing large numbers of channels and videos benefit from extending their service to channels with a new distribution channel.

Online Media / Website

Premium websites licensing popular videos to grow their online video service benefit from extending their video library, growing their target audience and video ad revenues.

We aim for the best result, growth and prosperity for all participants.

Our Visionary Mission

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To be the worlds leading video exchange and licensing platform for popular, short-form videos and sponsored videos.

To optimize the discovery, licensing, exchange and monetization of popular, short-form videos and sponsored video from video providers and brands to online media.

Create a purposeful, beneficial and joyful experience within a thriving and growing video community and ecosystem.

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Video Community Principles

#1 Keep it Smart and Effective

Create a high performing and scalable video exchange, efficiently playing a huge amount of popular videos.

#2 Keep it Alive and Flowing

Facilitate an engaged, joyful and collaborative video community and ecosystem for video providers and websites.

#3 Keep it Attractive and Valuable

Develop an abundant flow of valuable videos and monetary remuneration for all stakeholders and collaborators.


We are organized as one global sales team, with local people in key markets.
Please email us at, or contact our sales or management team


+1 (514) 903-9904


+44 (208) 133 1060


+1 (514) 903-9904


+47 91 55 05 05


+46 70-791 27 00

Founding Team


Espen Moen

Chief Executive Officer
& Founder
Cell: +47 91 55 05 05

Claire Pereira

Claire Pereira

Chief Content Officer,
Americas Sales &


Andrei Zidaric

Chief Martech Officer, Nordic Sales & Co-Founder
Cell: +46 707-912-700


Serge Ekedi

Director, Canada/France &
Cell: +1 514-963-3592

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